If you are spirit…

…all is spirit alone. – Sri Ramana Maharshi

This is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite teachers. I have thought about it a lot over the last five years and let it sink in. You cannot explain spirit no more than you can explain God. “You cannot put God in a box,” I say quite often and it’s true because God would be the box, also not the box, and also beyond the box (after Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj). It is often said that God or spirit is the light that shines on the intellect itself so how could the intellect define it? It’s plain that the intellect is a deft dancer but even that is observed so what is aware of the mind dancing? Who watches the rise and fall of consciousness itself? These sort of questions intrigue me and when I had the big death experience I had a taste of an elusive something and haven’t been the same since. But, I cannot explain that something to anyone except in the most general terms like pure being, the great peace or, as many teachers have pointed to, the “I” itself. The best you could possibly say is that it is the same “I” everywhere, at all times, and that’s all there really is. Is that a point of view or a feeling? It’s both and one confirms the other. The more you actually experience pure being the more you find that’s all that remains after all the colors have came and went. You laugh a hell of a lot when you realize the intellect cannot really grasp IT! And you feel the pure taking on color, painting with all manner of variations, and then receding back into pure. Pure, colored, at rest, moving, expanded, contracted, as I have said before, so much like the ocean or breathing. What a wonder!

Sometimes I will ask myself why I write about this or sometimes I will read something and I will ask who is trying to convince who? Does the spirit really have anything to prove? I even quit writing for a long time because there really weren’t any words that would fit what I was feeling. What more was there to say? I Am became a sort of mantra. I Am was enough. Anyhow, I am not trying to prove anything or convert anyone to a belief. I am just I relating to I in the color of the English language. Yeah, I relating to I. Is it all entertainment, like some teachings assert, or is I attempting to know itself somehow through the scope of its seemingly unlimited potentials? Ha, the intellect boggles at this one. Who really knows? Even the great sages start pointing to the beyond at this point and start urging silence. “What is the use of all this rambling,” some would say. Be still and know, turn within, and all that. Maybe they have a point or maybe they don’t but they often wrote a lot of material too, didn’t they? There’s a certain joy in expressing joy. It’s like the spirit bursting. And then there’s the quiet joy of just being. Somewhere between no thing and every thing life breathes like an ocean. Vibrating. Pulsing. Spinning like a coin. What mystery!

I am that I Am is about all that I know today. This or That may come later but such boundaries never last. Waves rise, waves fall, and the ocean observes with interest. What colors were spirit exploring today? What range? What depth? What silly ramble or arts? I shall close with this older piece that reminded me of the opening quote and the infinity of variables today. Namaste.


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